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Welcome to Hearth & Beam

You’ve purchased the home of your dreams! Now it’s time to make it yours…

Is that bubblegum pink bathroom on the list of “easy fixes”, or maybe you’re a couple windows away from letting the morning light shine through your kitchen just right. Hearth & Beam makes it easy to research, plan, document and share every step of the home improvement projects that make your home unique from hearth to beam.

Homeowners, real estate agents, and experts use Hearth & Beam to tell the story of their home. By connecting all of us in the home business, Hearth & Beam serves as a sharing platform, an excellent educational tool, and most, importantly, a community.

Home Experts

Share your unique jobs, whole home builds, design, or remodeling projects showcasing the planning, design, quality, or craftsmanship that sets you apart from the herd. As an expert you can also blog about DIY tips, or the best home improvements to share your knowledge base with current and future clients.


Real Estate Agents

Connect with your clients. Create a profile and  add your client’s storyboards to your page and build better relationships by highlighting the unique traits of every listing. Engage users by blogging about the real estate market, what neighborhoods bring the most value, or the projects with the highest ROI.


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